2016 Tournament Updates

So far this year we are participating in two TKD tournaments:

Music City TKD Classic

We have been invited to another tournament. This one, unlike the other one includes forms and sparring. I would like for you to consider participating.

There is an information packet and registration form for the tournament which will take place on January 30. It is posted here and we’ll have it on rockettkd.com as well. Registration is also available online at register4tkd.com.

Winter Battle 2016

Winter Battle will take place on February 20th, 2016. We’ll be posting more information on this one soon. This is a sparring-only double-elimination tournament. It’s a great place to meet some very experienced fighters and face some tough competition if you’re ready for it! We will have plenty of black belts there to support the team, so please plan to compete if you can make it.

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