Big Promotions for Rocket TKD

On Saturday, February 6th, 2016, Rocket Tae Kwon Do held two large events.

First, it was black belt upgrade time for three of our students/assistants. Kayla Reed tested for 2nd dan. Isabel Castaneda and Miles Whitmore tested for 3rd dan. All three of them passed in two separate, grueling tests.


Next, Master Jeffrey Davis was promoted to 5th dan black belt by Master David Mitchell of the Madison Tae Kwon Do Center. The ceremony was attended by almost every student from both locations.



Congratulations to Kayla, Isabel, and Miles for their astounding achievements… and most certainly congratulations to master Davis, our fearless founder and leader of Rocket Tae Kwon Do!


After the promotions, Master Davis called forth all of the students and promoted them with a stripe and new belts. A group photo was taken with all of us 🙂


From the Master: Winter Battle 2014

Hello everyone,

I want to say CONGRATS to all the Rocket Tae Kwon Do students who competed in the Winter Battle. It was a learning experience for all, including myself.

In my experience, these tournaments will do one of two things. Either it will discourage you from ever competing again, OR it will INSPIRE you to work harder and be prepared for the next one. I’m happy to say, of all the feedback i’ve gotten, it is the later.

Our students did well, and now they know what it takes to compete, and they our INSPIRED to work harder.

I want to thank the parents for your support. Thank you for trusting me and the entire RTKD BlackBelt staff with your child/children. The students of RTKD, your children are the reason we exist, and we are dedicated to providing them the best martial arts instructions we can.

Last but not least, a big thanks goes out to the Blackbelts who were able to make the trip. Simply said, I could not do it without you. Love you all!

From the Master: ASF Competition 2012

Hello Rocket Tae Kwon Do family,

We safely and successfully traveled to and from Birmingham Alabama to participate in 30th Anniversary of the Alabama Sports Festival this past weekend.

We represented ourselves very well, and we conducted ourselves with the respect and dignity expected of a Rocket TKD family member.

I’m honored to be your Master Instructor and every time we go out, whether it’s to compete, do a demonstration, participate in a parade or just volunteer our time, I’m always reminded how blessed I am to be a part of the Rocket TKD family.

We have proven that what we’re doing is working. So we’re going to stay the course and with your continued support, it’s only going to get better.

See you soon….