Demo time! (Madison Street Festival – Madison, AL)

Have you wanted to witness the elite of Rocket TKD perform some of the best moves in local martial arts? Come and visit us at the Madison Street Festival on October 5th. We’ll be doing a demonstration of our class’ elite members from 1:00pm – 1:30pm. Come and learn what it’s all about and meet the team! We hope to see you there.

Alabama Sports Festival Registration Dates – Reminder!

Just a reminder to register for the Alabama Sports Festival coming up on June 22-23. The tournament folks seem to be calling last year’s participants to encourage them to enter. Word was given that the early bird registration ($35) ends on June 1st and the final registrations ($45 if you missed the early bird deadline) are due June 16th. There will be NO registration on site at the event! So be sure to get your registration in ASAP!

Winter Battle VIII (2012) Official Results

The official Winter Battle VIII Results have been released. Here they are posted in all the glory.

Rocket Tae Kwon Do had an awesome showing. The top two supporting schools were both from Huntsville. It was Rocket TKD and Otis Burwell’s Martial Arts.

Great work, team!

Click the link below to open the file. It is a PDF, which requires Adobe Reader or some other PDF-reading software. If you have a Mac, it should open automatically.


Winter Battle VIII Results (Roundup)

Here’s a roundup of the results from Rocket Tae Kwon Do’s students at the Winter Battle VIII Tournament in Ringgold, GA.

James P. (blue) – 4th place
Kayla (blue) – 1st place
PJ (yellow) – 3rd place
Quentin (white) – 1st place
Connor (white) – 3rd place
Nathan (yellow) – 4th place
Keith (yellow) – ??
Jaizon (??) – 3rd place
Rachel L. (yellow) – 3rd place
Danielle (yellow) – 2nd place
Brandon (yellow) – 3rd place
Jasmine (yellow) – 3rd place
Reece (blue) – 3rd place
Amber (yellow) – 3rd place
Mr. Eddie (red) – 2nd place

Congratulations to the entire team for a FANTASTIC tournament! Great job, team!

Tournament News Updates

There’s only 3 more days until Winter Battle VIII… and only 1 of them is a class day (unless you’re at UAH – you still have 2, you lucky dogs!)

I wanted to drop you all a note and let you know that I’ll do my best to post updates on match results within minutes of them happening if at all possible. I’ll be well armed to update this website and the Facebook group in near real time.

If you use the Facebook group, be sure to set up notifications on your mobile device so you will see the results when we post them. If you use the RSS feeds on this site (click the orange RSS button at the top that is a little hidden beneath the navigation bar) then you will see the updates whenever your RSS feed reader updates… or you force the update.

I’ll be posting match results in both places, so you can keep up to date from either source.

Good luck and I look forward to logging massive successes this weekend!

Winter Battle VIII Team Set

…and here they are… the Rocket Tae Kwon Do Winter Battle VIII Team!

The Rocket Tae Kwon Do Winter Battle VIII Team
The Rocket Tae Kwon Do Winter Battle VIII Team

What a good looking set of kickers, eh? We’re only 6 days away!

Team, please be sure to consult the roster document on the Facebook group to verify your name has been given to Master Davis and the belt ranking that you used to register.