A Goal Photo

When you start training in Tae Kwon Do, your start to form goals. Those personal goals may be different from others, but almost everyone can agree that flexibility is a challenge.

One of our black belts, Emily, is a huge inspiration to our students. In this photo she demonstrates a goal for flexibility. Training and dedication will get you there, no matter how long it takes!

Emily shows off her flexibility during a class.
Emily shows off her flexibility during a class.

Tournament News Updates

There’s only 3 more days until Winter Battle VIII… and only 1 of them is a class day (unless you’re at UAH – you still have 2, you lucky dogs!)

I wanted to drop you all a note and let you know that I’ll do my best to post updates on match results within minutes of them happening if at all possible. I’ll be well armed to update this website and the Facebook group in near real time.

If you use the Facebook group, be sure to set up notifications on your mobile device so you will see the results when we post them. If you use the RSS feeds on this site (click the orange RSS button at the top that is a little hidden beneath the navigation bar) then you will see the updates whenever your RSS feed reader updates… or you force the update.

I’ll be posting match results in both places, so you can keep up to date from either source.

Good luck and I look forward to logging massive successes this weekend!