Big Promotions for Rocket TKD

On Saturday, February 6th, 2016, Rocket Tae Kwon Do held two large events.

First, it was black belt upgrade time for three of our students/assistants. Kayla Reed tested for 2nd dan. Isabel Castaneda and Miles Whitmore tested for 3rd dan. All three of them passed in two separate, grueling tests.


Next, Master Jeffrey Davis was promoted to 5th dan black belt by Master David Mitchell of the Madison Tae Kwon Do Center. The ceremony was attended by almost every student from both locations.



Congratulations to Kayla, Isabel, and Miles for their astounding achievements… and most certainly congratulations to master Davis, our fearless founder and leader of Rocket Tae Kwon Do!


After the promotions, Master Davis called forth all of the students and promoted them with a stripe and new belts. A group photo was taken with all of us 🙂


Tournament Updates

Classmates… a few updates for you on this rainy President’s Day…

The decision was made to not support Winter Battle this year.

We are looking forward to our own in-house tournament later this summer. This event was a huge success for our Rocket TKD family and we’ll be looking forward to it once again. Currently, we’re targeting early June for this tournament.

Promotion Ceremony Rescheduled

An update from Master Davis:

We have rescheduled my promotion ceremony for Saturday, 6 February 2016.

It will take place at the Redstone Arsenal Youth Center.

For our students who do not have open access to Redstone Arsenal, we will have your names at the gates for access.    

I ask that all students be at the gym by 8:30am.  Please wear your full White Rocket Tae Kwon Do uniform. If you do not have a White RTKD uniform, please let me know and I will get one for you.  

The promotion ceremony will begin at 09:00.    

Master David Mitchell, Owner, and Chief Instructor, at  Madison Tae Kwon Do Center is our special guest, and he will be doing the promotion honors.