Belt Rankings

  Belt Colors


  White light gives the appearance of purity and brilliance but when directed through a prism, we see that it is composed of all the colors of the spectrup.  So it is that the beginner, whose vision is pure and pristine, when directed through the prism of training with sincerity and effort, we can see that his/her essence is potential.

He/she is the seed hidden beneath the winer snow.


 Represents the warmth of the winter sun that melts the winter snow and allows the seed to germinate.  This is the birth of conscious and purposeful action.



Is the color of the sprout and represents the spring when grow and activity abound.



Is the color of youth, ambition, and rapid growth.  The seedling is reaching for the blue sky.



 Represents the summer sun that swelters with intensity of the flowering art.


This is the color of master.  No color added to this color can change or improve it.  This completes a cycle that is now begun again.