W.T.F. uses Poomses for patterns. Poomses originate from the book ‘I Ching’, a Chinese oracle. The I Ching has 64 hexagrams, a combination of two sets of three lines, closed or broken. The sets of three lines are called trigrams. The closed lines represent Yang, the open lines Yin. In the chinese language, the unity of Yin and Yang is called ‘taich’i’. In the Korean language, the unity is called T’ae-guk. This explains the term Poomse Taegeuk. The eight trigrams together are called Pal-gwe as in Poomse Palgwe.

Rocket TKD is proud to present our very own Rachel Hernandez performing the forms required by our class.

You may use these forms videos to work on your forms at home at your leisure.

The forms are linked in the menubar above, but here’s a list of easy links as well:

Special thanks to Rachel Hernandez and Kevin Ross for working on these videos. If you’d like to purchase a DVD of the forms, please contact Master Davis or Rachel.

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