Korean Words

Special thanks to Mr. Kidd for providing this scan of Korean words that are used in our class. Many of these words you hear every day – some you may only hear in a tournament or elsewhere.

Due to the possibility that not everyone will have the Korean language packs installed on their computer, we’re providing this reference page as an attached PDF. Please click the link below to open the PDF. You may save it to your computer for reference.

TKD-Korean Words.pdf

This is a PDF (portable document format) file and therefore requires Adobe Reader software to open it if you do not have PDF reader software built into your operating system natively. If you need help opening the file, please don’t hesitate to write us a note and we’ll help you out.

Here’s some of the words directly if you don’t want to take the trouble to open up the file.

Korean command and English translation.

Cha-ryeot 차렷 Attention
Gyeong-rye 경례 Bow
Ba-ro 바로 Return
Shwi-uh 쉬어 At ease (relax)
Hyoo-shik 휴식 Rest period (break)
Gi-hap 기합 Yell (shout)
Jwoon-bi 준비 Ready
Shi-jak 시작 Begin (start)
Gal-lyeo 갈려 Break (separate)
Gyeh-sok 계속 Continue
Geu-man 그만 Finish (stop)
Dwiro-dora 뒤로 돌아 Turn around (180 degrees)
Hae-san 해산 Dismiss

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